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Useful Computer Tips and Tricks

  • Computer Tips and Tricks:

Aoa to Muslims, Hello to all community of Online free tipsz Readers today i share the latest  and best tips for Computer and your laptops and internet. I have gathered them all in one platform for all of my website readers. These are best and working according to best of my knowledge. May be some trick mat not work mistakenly but those will be one or two only. Mostly all of below mentioned tips and tricks are working. If you like it then share it on facebook and google + and other social media you are using to appreciate my effort in this regards:

  • List of Tips:
  1. Windows XP can be install in 15 Minutes.
  2. Increase Download Speed of Torrent With Low Seeders
  3. Use cooling pad to Deal with Laptop Over Heating
  4. Make Facebook Safe by securing it with mobile security.
  5. You can watch 3D Movies on Your PC by Using VLC Media Player.
  6. Browse internet in chrome browser to browse it faster.
  7. By installing write to copy extension you can Enable Right Click on Websites.
  8. Make Free Calls every day Anywhere in The World using whatscall.
  9. Abort The Shutdown Operation in Windows.
  10. Use system restore when you cannot boot your system by f9 recovery mode.
  11. Lock any folder without using “folder locker” to secure your PC or laptop.

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