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The Best Way To Increase Smartphone Battery life

The Best Way To Increase Smartphone Battery life
The Best Way To Increase Smartphone Battery life

Anytime my phone battery passes away quickly, I tend to blame the telephone manufacturing companies a lot. “This company doesn’t know how to make batteries”, “I need to modify my phone”, “This phone has a very short lifespan” are simply a few of those reasons. I am sure many of you are doing the same, but surprisingly, battery issues are totally our partly our fault. Nobody wants to blame them but that’s the harsh real truth.

One common mistake that almost all of us make is the fact we demand our phones when they are almost completely useless. We tend to assume that if we charge our phones in short breaks, our phone battery gets damaged quickly. A site from the battery company Cadex, Battery University offered a detail view of how the batteries get damaged. According to this site, smartphones, like humans are also sensitive to stress and extended times of stress can weaken the battery’s life.

The dos and do not’s of charging batteries regarding to science

This indicates that if we like to have a healthy battery and use our phones without having to worry about the electric battery life, we must change a few things.

Under no circumstances keep the phone connected if it’s fully billed

We often usually neglect to unplug the telephone mainly because it gets fully billed. This happens often to me once i charge it overnight when i rest. Well, apparently, it’s very bad for the electric battery. Battery University explained that the phone is retained plugged despite the full battery; the battery gets worn out in the long run. So why? Well, in line with the battery school, after the 100% recharging is done, ‘trickle charges’ are generated.

Change of plans; DON’T try to charge it to a 100%

According to what the Battery University mentioned, this 100% charging appears to be a bad idea. “Li-ion does not be totally charged, neither is it desirable to do so. Actually it is better not to fully demand, because a high volts stresses the battery”

What if we want the telephone charged all day? Very well, make an effort to plug it in when you get the ability during the day instead.

Put them to be Cool

It is extremely essential for the health of a battery, that they stay cool. Apple suggested the same. “If you notice that your device gets hot when you demand it, take it of its case first. very well If you are away in direct sunlight, keep your phone covered to safeguard it from the sun.
This all is making me understand that mobile phones are almost as hypersensitive as humans. Well, is actually about time I understood this, I better go unplug my phone. Is actually still on charging.

If perhaps you think I’ve neglect something related to how to increase smartphone electric battery life or you want to incorporate new comment below.



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