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How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV Launcher Error 214667211

Final Fantasy XIV is the most popular multiplayer game which has been released back in 2013 and has been accessible for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, MacOS and Windows PC. However, occasionally while playing with the Final Fantasy XIV, the consumers might face several mistakes and among them will be Final Fantasy XIV launcher error 21667211. Now, in this informative article, I will show You How You Can Repair A system error has happened — 2146697211 error on Windows PC and Mac.

The Final Fantasy XIV mistake 214667211 happens when you attempt to start the game. As you try to launch the game, you will be greeted with this error “Final Fantasy XIV 214667211”. This mistake is annoying since it does not allow you to play till the error is solved.

The main reason for Final Fantasy XIV Malfunction 2146667211 is host connectivity. After the game is not able to connect to the game server, it is going to throw this error to allow the user know that there’s some issue with the game.

The error looks like this:

A system error has happened  - 2146697211

HTTPS System error

Luckily, the mistake is relatively simple to repair. However, what isn’t simple is understanding which fix will work for you. Since the error is connected with your PC and Internet connectivity rather than about the Gambling machine, there are numerous potential solutions for this mistake. In this informative article, I have listed all of the possible fixes to address Final Fantasy XIV mistake 2146697211.

Repair Final Fantasy XIV Launch malfunction 2146694211

Like I said previously, there aren’t any go-to fixes for this error. However, all of the fixes are simple to follow and quite general.

Please also note that the repairs given in this Report will also work If You are confronting the problem with these solutions:

  • The Lodestone
  • Mog Station
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: Libra Eorzea
  • Square Enix Account Management System
  • Square Enix Service Center

Method 1: Restart your PC / Mac / PlayStation

First and foremost thing you should do when confronting any malfunction is restarting the system that’s giving the error. Occasionally, the mistake can be momentary, and an easy restart can repair the error and enable you to play the match. If restarting the machine did not mend “A system error has happened — 2146697211” mistake then follow other recommended repairs.

Method 2: Enable SSL 2.0 and TLS 1.2

Another Frequent way to fix the A system error has happened — 2146697211 would be to permit the SSL 2.0, and TLS 1.2 choices on your “Internet Options” innovative settings. This is how to get it done.

  1. Open “Internet Options“. To do so, type “internet options” from Cortana / Search bar. Alternately, visit Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options.
  2. In the “Internet Alternatives” click Advanced tab.
  3. Under “Settings” section, scroll down and locate ” Use SSL 1.2” and ” Use TLS 2.0” option. Tick (assess) both the choices.
  4. Click on Apply and then click OK to store the adjustments.

ffxiv launcher errorNow you want to restart your PC. Save any unsaved work and reboot the PC. Once up, attempt and establish Final Fantasy XIV. Also, this must have fixed the issue.

Method 3: Insert Final Fantasy into Trusted Site List

Another reason why You are confronting A system error has happened — 2146697211 could be since the Firewall is blocking access to the Final Fantasy server believing it as dangerous. Thus, what you will need to do here would be to add the Final Fantasy site to trusted site listing.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network and the Internet and click on “Internet Options.”
  2. Then click on “Security” tab and then choose “Trusted Sites” alternative.
  3. Click “Websites” button and a dialog box will pop-up.
  4. In the specified area include “” and click “insert.”

ffxiv launcher error

Now close the Internet Options window and then restart your PC. Following the restart, attempt to start Final Fantasy and then see whether the FFXIV 2146697211 mistake is solved.

Methdo 4: Establish Web Security and Firewall

If nothing seems functioning, you can try disabling the Firewall on your computer. If you are running AVG Antivirus, then attempt to turn off the internet Protection option. This is how to get it done.

Disable Firewall — To disable Window Firewall below are the steps which you will need to follow.

  • Sort Firewall from the search/Cortana tab. Alternatively, Visit Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall.
  • In the other hand, click “Switch Windows Firewall Off or On” alternative.
  • Turn Off Firewall for the private and public network.
  • Once done, click OK and save the adjustments.

ffxiv launcher error

Now you need to start Final Fantasy XIV on your PC and see whether that has solved the error.

Disable Web Security

In the event you are using a third party Antivirus then you have got to disable the Firewall and Internet Protection attribute in the Antivirus settings.

By way of instance, if you are using AVG Antivirus subsequently open AVG Antivirus, click on “Internet” and turn off “Web Security.”

If You are utilizing Avast Antivirus, then start Avast Antivirus > Security and Switch off Firewall.

In the same way, if you are using any other anti virus, then you need to come across that the Firewall option in the preferences.

After you have switched off the Firewall, restart your PC or Mac. Now attempt to start Final Fantasy XIV and then see whether the mistake FFXIV 2146697211 is solved.

Method 7: Force Stop / Start DNS Client

Occasionally, quitting and restarting the DNS client can correct this matter. This is how to get it done.

  • Press Windows key + R to start Run Dialogue box.
  • Sort service.msc and hit enter.
  • Now locate DNS customer from the services, right-click onto it and then choose Cease.
  • Next, right-click on DNS customer again and choose Start.

ffxiv launcher error

Method 6: Reset Modem / Merge DNS / Delete FFXIV_BOOT.cfg

If you are still confronting the FFXIV 2146697211 launcher mistake the attempt these 3 steps and see if this solves the issue.

Step 1: Reset Modem / Router

If you are using a Modem, then try resetting it. To reset the modem do the following:

  • Press and hold the reset button which you may find in the back of the modem for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Release the reset button after the lights on the modem begin flickering.
  • Now, awaiting the online Light to turn green ( 3- 5 minutes).
  • Now try linking to the web and see whether it is working fine.

Step 2: Flush the DNS

The next step is to flush DNS. Occasionally, flushing the DNS can solve the issue linked to your online connectivity. This is how to get it done.

  • Open the command prompt by right-clicking on the Start button and then select “Control Prompt (Admin).”
  • From the command prompt window type ipconfig /flushdns.
  • Close to the command prompt.

Step 3: Upgrade FFXIV_Boot.cfg File

  • The final step you will need to follow would be to delete the FFXIV_Boot. cfg folder. This is how to get it done.
  • Visit Records > My Games > FFXIV Folder > and then delete FFXIV_Boot. cfg file.
  • Now restart your PC.

Following the restart, attempt to conduct Final Fantasy XIV and then see whether the FFXIV 2146697211 mistake is solved.




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