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How to Fix DPC watchdog violation error in Windows 10

What is DPC watchdog violation ? 

Using computers are so much easy these days but there are so many things that are hidden from us but working in the background and affecting our computers and sometimes it’s working as well. Those things are difficult for common users to understand but with some help it becomes easy.

Windows user faces many uncommon issues while using computers and the occurrence of DPC watchdog violation is the terrible one among others as it is becoming common day by day. With the rising popularity of windows 8 and windows 10, many users frequently reported about the DPC watchdog violation.  This error is also known as Blue Screen Error because the screen turn blue and white font on it. it can be seen in the picture below.



There are many causes of DPC watchdog violations. Such as, the Solid State Drive which is also known as SSD driver is not functioning properly due to its oldness. It can also happen due to the malfunctioning of any hardware component. The usage of unverified or unproven firmware can also become the cause of this error as well as the existence of unsupported and corrupted files in the system.


Now the most important thing is finding the solution for the occurrence of DPC watchdog violation or in other words known as blue screen error. There are few very useful methods to solve this problem easily. Above all one can personally do it himself at home instead of going to professional.


Usually problem surfaces when you upgrade the windows and our old drivers are not capable of handing the updated version. So the solution is as simple as updating your driver. Commonly it happens when windows 8 upgraded to windows 10 and the system is still using the older version of IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, updating it will solve the issue.

This can be done by following below mention steps:

  • Firstly open RUN in your windows
  • Enter command of msc
  • Enlarge the command of IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
  • Choose update driver for upgrading it
  • Lastly, select your preferable method.



Corrupted and unsupported files can also be the reason of watchdog violation error and it can easily be solved by following the few minor steps that are as follow.

  • Login to your PC as an administrator and open command prompt
  • Entering CHKDSK C: /F /R , a pop-up window will open like this


  • Give the yes command by pressing Y
  • Lastly, restart your PC.



This is the simplest method to solve out the DPC watchdog violation. Mostly it worked out better than other things. This can be easily done by converting your PC to safe mode and simply restoring your PC to last restore point. It will automatically eliminate the additional changes and errors that happen from previous to latest restoration point.


There are few things that need to be adopted in order to keep your PC safe and not get disturbed by errors often. This can be done by always updating and upgrading your drivers and windows. By turning off your PC properly and not rushing it to shut down fast. Always prefer the latest versions to run in your PC and always clean your disk by using disk cleanup on regular basis. In this way PC will be protected and work more efficiently.






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