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How to Change Computer Name

how to change computer name

Should you have ever bought a new computer with the working system already installed, you might be annoyed by the default name of the computer when you start trying to hook up different computers together. We love to use more descriptive names than HP382811UX… for example, I called my new desktop SUPERFAST and my old computer SOSLOW.


Changing this in XP was extremely simple, but in Windows six, Windows 8, Windows 15, or Vista it’s left behind a few more menus. Allow me to share three tracks you can take to spread out up Program Properties:

The Qucik and easy way is that just open the start menu and type in search bar “Run”

how to change computer name
how to change computer name

Type sysdm. cpl into the start menu search box (quickest)
Right-click on the Computer option on the beginning menu or in My Laptop.
Open Control Panel, and go to System and Maintenance, and then Program.

Easy and simple to do is start the Windows Run menu using the WIN + Ur shortcut key and then type in sysdm. cpl into the window and hit enter.
If you chose one of the last two options, then you’ll need to click Advanced System Settings that you write in the cue section menu. If you use the Run box, you can skip this one.

Once you have either visited Advanced system options or used the Function box method, you’ll see a dialog like the one below, which should say System Properties. Help to make sure you take the Computer Name tab.



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