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How to Add A Blog To Your Website

How to Add A Blog To Your Website

How to Add A Blog To Your Website

Adding a blog to your website is highly recommended not only to give your company (if it is a company website) a more personal approach, but also to boost your search engine rankings. There are many professional Internet marketers out there who do so by simply creating free blogs hosted on or on or

Let’s make this really simple, provides you with a free blog that will be placed on a sub-domain (ie. provides you with the software that would enable you to self host your blog.
Again, each has its merits and disadvantages. If you have a clear purpose in mind on why you want to start blogging in the first place, then you’ll have a clear idea on what to choose.
Blogger is really the simplest choice that is most often shunned because of its own simplicity. With Blogger, you can have your own blog that is hosted on Blogger’s servers under the domain
With its easy to understand interface and user friendly functionalities, you would be able to concentrate on that most important thing when it comes to blogs ‘ content.

Content Really is King

If you want to generate traffic for your website through your blog, then creating useful content that is related to your website is highly recommended. If your website is about insurance for example and you are an insurance agent, and you want to create a blog for your website, then what you need to do is create a blog about the topic.
The difference between a website and a blog in this regard is really highly conceptual in nature. Technically they are one and the same, except that a blog is primarily designed to make it easy for people to write articles on a regular basis.
Websites tend to be service and user interaction focused, whereas blogs tend to be content and community focused.
Be sure that whatever you are posting on your blog, that it is 90% related to what your website offers. The better the quality of the content on your blog, the more that people are assured that you know what you are saying and that your service or product is high quality.

Blogging is Like Playing Golf

Have you ever wondered why businessmen like to play golf? Why not basketball?
Golf is such a boring game but it tells businessman many things about their potential business associates. It shows personality, it shows character and it shows how you play, both golf and the game of life.
The same is true with blogging. The words that you use in your blog tells a lot about your character.
If you are a lawyer and you often make spelling and grammatical errors, clients would find it hard to believe that you graduated from Harvard or Yale.
If you are a doctor and all you post about in your blog are pictures of your patients while they are inside your clinic, then people would generally lose confidence in you.
That is the importance of the blog as a part of a website. It gives the website a personality. Websites tend to be cold and too professional, whereas blogs make it easy for people to warm up to you. When they feel comfortable enough in your writing, they’ll then access your website and see what services or products you have to offer.Now you know some easy ways on how to add a blog to your website. Still too difficult for you? then comments down



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