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8 Tips For Securing Your Home Computer

8 Tips For Securing Your Home Computer

8 Tips For Securing Your Home Computer

Security is one thing that everyone should stay track of nowadays because of the credit card fraud and identity fraud in the news. There are many stuff that you can do to keep your computer plus your self safe. Follow these 8 steps and will also be better protected against security threats.

Turn off unnecessary processes

There are a whole lot of programs that run in private of your personal computer and some of such programs available ports that may allow a hacker into your pc. By turning off these programs which can be most of the time unnecessary we could eliminate the quantity of ports we’ve open on the computer.

Install Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

This an example may be an absolute necessity for everyone who has a computer which is connected to the net. An current anti-virus anti-malware program can be purchased just about anywhere including online. One popular choice is Symantec which carries a full featured program to pay everything. Some other vacation software also successful. Adware Bot and Spy No More – Anti Spyware

Turn on Windows Firewall or put in a personal firewall

As was mentioned in tip number 1 we’ve ports open on our computer that could possibly allow a hacker in. Windows firewall (which comes free with windows) can block these kind of ports. You can also purchase a alternative firewall program which will help block these ports. There are many alternative party companies that provide excellent firewall programs. Firewall Gold

Have a router between you and the internet

Some ISP (internet service providers) including cable let you plug in their modem also it gives your personal machine a public IP address. By installing a router involving the ISP modem and your pc you can not only share your online connection but you are also protecting yourself by not publishing your IP address to the web.

A simple router is actually inexpensive according to the features that you receive with it like wireless. Places like Best Buy and Global Computers have these routers.

Disable your computer guest account

The guest take into account windows XP Professional is disabled automatically but it is often a good idea to evaluate and make sure.

Keep computer updated with the modern Windows updates and anti-virus definition updates.

Windows workstations must be constantly update to keep them secure. You can head over to Windows Updates and acquire free Microsoft Windows updates.

Virus definition updates should be purchased from the company

Backup important data

Backuping up info is not really a security item to keep your pc secure but more to hold you secure. Should your personal machine happen to be hacked or perhaps crash if your details are backed up you do not lose crucial computer data.

Only download and install trusted software

One of the extremely common ways computers get viruses and malware comes from software downloaded over internet. Certain programs downloaded from unknown sources contain viruses embedded in the program.

The simplest way to protect yourself using this is to not download software unless it originates from a site that’s totally trusted.

By following these eight steps you are able to significantly reduce risk at being hacked or infected with a virus. The most important thing is always to use commonsense and you will stay protected.



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