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3 Tips On How To Create Great Content For Blog

3 Tips On How To Create Great Content For Blog

3 Tips On How To Create Great Content For Blog

Be it affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, a B&M business with an online presence, you name it, as long as your business has an online presence in the form of a website or blog, content and content creation forms a very big part of your success online. Unfortunately, how to write great content for a website each time is not something you can learn in a day or two.
Fortunately, you do not need to learn any new skills to write awesome content for your website. You already have everything you need within you right now. All you have to do is stop doubting your abilities.
As a content creator myself, I can relate to the great content creation difficulty. That’s why I decide to share the top 3 tips I use to curate great content each time I sit down to write content for my website.

Tip #1: Use your unique voice

Ideally, your website or blog should be about a topic that impassions you. Whether your site is a health related website, a style website, a weight loss website, etc, you created that website because that topic is of great interest to you. This is a good thing and something you can leverage on in your writing.
You should remember that:Regardless of which form it takes, writing in whichever manner demands the articulation of an opinion. When writing your content, don’t be afraid to let your passion for that topic shine through. Do not be afraid to articulate your thoughts or opinions in the most unique way. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on any subject, related to your website or blog whether your opinion be controversial or not. Remember that the internet loves uniqueness.
Here is the thing, opinions shape the world.
For example, the discovery of any great invention you can think of was at one point someones thoughts. That iPhone you love so much…Steve Job’s unique take on what technology should be. That great looking website related to your topic…someones unique voice put into action.
Whether you are writing reviews, writing an opinion on a related subject, or simply teaching your audience something, don’t be afraid to let your unique voice shine through. Letting your unique voice shine through is the key to forging a connection with your audience

Tip #2: Don’t tell, show.

Great content always has a purpose. Regardless of your content purpose, as the adage goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.
If you can show it in pictures, videos, or whatever, don’t tell it, show it. In all my content creation, I always try to include related pictures. There is a caveat to showing; your pictures, video, info-graphic, or the which ever medium you choose to use has to be highly relevant to your topic of discussion.
For example, if you are writing content on the struggles of trying to lose weight, including a picture of a sweaty, tired, overweight person on a treadmill speaks volumes to anyone who knows the struggles of trying to lose weight. Additionally, using graphics to show instead of telling adds some sort of interactiveness to your content.
Fortunately, today, it is very easy to find free graphics and images. Moreover, sites like YouTube give you the ability to create interactive content that shows rather than telling.

Tip #3: Stay Inspired

It is not always easy to come up with topics to write about. However, if your website is on a topic of great interest to you, you have won half the battle. As indicated earlier, creating content in whichever form demands the voicing of an opinion. You cannot voice your opinion until you form one. To form your own opinion on subjects related to your website, as well as come up with new topics for content you can write about, you need to stay inspired.
For example, I have a website on creating a passive income, as inspiration for my content, I read other related blogs, articles, follow the industry leaders and interact with other people interested in the same topic. As I read or interact with these people, finding inspiration for related topics to write about just happens automatically.
Stay inspired by reading anything related to your website as much as you can and as often as you can. This will ensure that you are never at a loss for something unique to write about.
In closing..
Creating content for your website does not have to be a chore. In fact, it can be super easy if you follow these 3 tips on how to write great content for a website every time.
Which tips other tips do you have for creating great content for a website or blog? Share your tips as well as your opinion on my 3 tips in the comment session below.



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